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Tenchi O Kurau Psx Iso Zone [PORTABLE]

Panzer Bandit was made by Fill-In Cafe (makers of Mad Stalker, Asuka 120%, and Community Pom) as a 2D side-scrolling brawler that allows the characters to jump into the foreground or background. Visually it is mildly reminiscent of other cutesy beat-em ups like Mischief Makers (or even less cutesy ones, specifically Guardian Heroes). Other than the ground itself, everything in the game is sprite-based. The evil Professor Fuarado and the minions of Arc are trying to commandeer the Earth's last source of energy now that humans have depleted the others and the four heroes must save them. Players initially pick between Kou, Kasumi, Miu, or Ein but the game's eight bosses also become playable after they have been beaten. This adds replay and the game is a blast with a friend. The characters attack with a weak or strong attack, throw, and they can jump. The innovation is in the meter, as the needle moves into the red zone you store up energy for a powerful blast activated when the meter turns gold. For an in-depth rundown on the controls for each character check out the great guide on this site by RZhou. There's a lot more depth to discover in playing the game than it seems at first, and it is a very solid beat 'em up for fans of the genre.

Tenchi O Kurau Psx Iso Zone


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