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Sweet Sex And Love Korean |LINK|

Shin Ah is a free-spirited modern woman. Dong Gi is a young man who endlessly searches for something new and exciting. The unexpected encounter between them turns an ordinary night into an unforgettable one. Breaking up with her boyfriend, Shin Ah decides to meet Dong Gi again who calls her out of the blue after their first passionate encounter. The two madly fall in love and the romance begins. Edit Translation

Sweet Sex And Love Korean

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It's easy to see why these two aren't destined for the quaintly creaky S&M dungeon of a brothel-turned-retirement-home. Their attraction may be intense -- and physically rewarding -- but it's also completely superficial. When the tough times rear (and "tough" means sex getting more coercive and post-coital dialogue growing more passive-aggressive), the only memories they have to fall back on inevitably grind on each other's nerves. Visions of your partner's butt are unlikely to keep you invested when your lover turns out to be a pain is the ass. "I'm a sex machine and hung like a horse," says Dong-ki (Kim Seong-su). "I'd grown bored with his penis," says Shin-a (Kim Seo-hyeong). "People this hot and this shallow simply shouldn't be happy," say I. With me, director Bong Man-dae seems to agree.


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