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Iomega Storage Manager Software: A Complete Guide for Windows 7 73 Users

this was my less than reassuring introduction to iomega's iconnect wireless data station. a nas device, which is essentially what this is, shouldn't need proprietary set-up software, but iomega provides its storage manager - versions for windows and the mac - to make it easy to find the device on your network and get you started with the web control interface through your browser.

iomega storage manager software download windows 7 73

the iomega iconnect wireless storage station is a device that connects to your network via wireless. the device is called an iomega device. the router also needs to be set up to allow it on your network; you can't just leave it to figure things out and its config is setup for it to do all the work for you. iomega provides an iomega storage manager for windows and mac that will do all the config.

after a week using the iomega iconnect wireless storage station, the biggest problems i had were with the browser based iomega storage manager. the iomega storage manager needed a lot of tweaking to get it to perform as expected. the biggest problem was with the iomega storage manager's mapping to the device. my router's control panel was setup to only assign 1 port to the iomega device. this wasn't good enough.

nope, three shares were not working, and my user did not have rights to the other two. while it's necessary to read the manual (which was the easy part), i must say after setting up the iomega iconnect device on my network, everything went smoothly, and the cloud service works as expected. i have a plex server in the cloud and media files automatically appear in the cloud. i also have a synology ds218+ which is connected to my wireless network. when i add a device, i give it the name of a folder. now, when i plug in my iomega iconnect device, it shows up as the folders in the cloud of synology. having access to my plex server also has allowed me to stream media right from the cloud. this is a really easy way to access my content. i've also shared my user with the other folders with appropriate rights. i'm in love with the cloud service.


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