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The prisons of unconscious bias

This workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in exploring the idea of decolonization and what it might mean for each of us, wherever we are from, in whichever institutions and communities we work and live.  

There are historical, political, institutional and academic definitions of colonization and decolonization.  But more importantly, there are our own lived experiences of colonization--in this workshop we will be exploring the diversity of perspectives and experiences of this phenomenon.  The intention here is to develop a deeper understanding of how colonization functions so that we can make more conscious choices about how we live, how we lead, how we teach, and how we relate to the world around us.

This workshop offers a space in which to explore concepts that touch on vulnerable (and often unconscious aspects) of our human experience—concepts like racism, privilege, institutionalization, ownership, rights, power, freedom, spirituality, oppression, fairness, belonging.   But the conversations will not be conceptual—we’ll use “land based” tools and dialogue practices that engage our hearts and intuition and we’ll discover there are ways of being with ourselves and each other that can nourish, enlighten and guide us into a fuller relationship with life.

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Tools for deep listening

Points of You are tools and processes that allow people with widely divergent social, cultural or political views to discover the power of radical listening.  Whether it’s a controversial plan that requires community engagement, or a large organizational change that needs employee buy-in or any conversation needs to get underneath reflexive, dogmatic, or polarized position,  Points of You tools transform polarization into collaboration.

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There are many people, processes and resources to help you practice radical listening

CoResolve uses the tools of deep democracy.

Adam Kahane talks about how to use stretch collaboration as an antidote to the fragmentation, polarization and even demonization of those with different points of view.

The Art of Hosting provides a wealth of practices including inquiry to help us listen and learn from diverse perspectives and world views.

Wllliam Isaac's book Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together, provide a roadmap of stories, tools and processes to help us understand and hone our listening practice.

Chris Corrigan specializes in facilitating large group participatory processes.

LeadershipMind Consulting helps create healthy, resilient human systems in organizations and communities everywhere. 

Health In Harmony partners with communities living near protected rainforests that are critical to the climate and biodiversity, so they can live in balance with the natural environment. They honour the wisdom and expertise of the local and indigenous communities through their program called Radical Listening.

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