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The Great Protector

Great ProtectorAlias(es)Great Protector (神龙)[1]SpeciesDragonGenderFemaleStatusAliveAppearancesMovieShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsBookShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Who Guards My Sleep (depiction)The Great Protector (Mandarin: 神龙), is a mystical dragon and the protector of Ta Lo. In ancient times, she fought against the Dweller-in-Darkness, and saved the realm of Ta Lo from destruction. The Great Protector resided in the lake by the Ta Lo village for centuries, until she came to the aid of the people of Ta Lo in 2024 against the Dweller, which had been freed by Xu Wenwu. Upon defeating the Dweller, the Great Protector remained as the protector of Ta Lo.

The Great Protector

Despite speculation, Simu Liu debunked rumors that Fin Fang Foom would appear, counting the dragon (who has a clumsy and rather racist attempt to create a Chinese-sounding name) among the "questionable elements" from the comics that won't be included in the movie. But even though the Great Protector isn't Fin Fang Foom, the pair could share an origin, and the links to the Ten Rings could see the great villainous dragon appear in Shang-Chi's future.

In Shang-Chi, it is revealed that The Great Protector originally came to Ta Lo when the Dweller-In-Darkness attacked the mystical realm, wiping out a great city (not unlike Wakanda) and the majority of Ta Lo's magical residents. The dragon appeared as a hail mary, not only fighting off the demon, but also providing dragon scales to keep it at bay behind the portal to the other dimension. The scales were also gifted to Ta Lo's defenders to forge weapons and protective armor and shields, seemingly retaining magical powers even when detached from the great dragon. In combat, the Great Protector is fearsome, thanks in part to its scales, with the Dweller-in-Darkness only able to pinpoint the dragon's soul as a weak point, through its unprotected mouth. The dragon is presumably immortal or has the power of great longevity, considering its life span, but there's no origin story explaining where it came from. The suggestion is magical rather than alien, but The Great Protector could still be a member of the Makluan or Space Dragon race from Marvel comics.

As revealed in the trailers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi finds himself face-to-face with the Great Protector after falling into deep water during the battle for Ta Lo. The movie itself subsequently revealed that the creature is not aggressive, unlike Fin Fang Foom, who generally responds to being awoken by going on a destructive rampage. In contrast, The Great Protector is, as the name suggests, Ta Lo's protector against threats from the dark realms.

It was here that the Mandarin proved himself worthy of the Ten Rings. The dragons attempted to call the rings back to themselves, since they still shared a bond with them, but the Mandarin had gained enough mastery over them that he was able to resist, even as the strain of keeping the rings on his fingers caused him great pain. He still wasn't able to defeat the dragons alone, however. Only when Iron Man grasped his hands and combined their powers were the dragons were destroyed. The blast also vaporized the Mandarin's hands, but they regrew as scaled dragon claws that the supervillain used to reclaim the Ten Rings.

Elgar'nan had defeated his father, the sun, and all was covered in darkness. Pleased with himself, Elgar'nan sought to console his mother, the earth, by replacing all that the sun had destroyed. But the earth knew that without the sun, nothing could grow. She whispered to Elgar'nan this truth, and pleaded with him to release his father, but Elgar'nan's pride was great, and his vengeance was terrible, and he refused.

Great Protector lived on the island, Caldera Cay. At some unknown time, Great Protector became the guardian of the human tribe that inhabited Caldera Cay, the Defenders of the Wing. Sometime in her younger years, a great earthquake shook the Cay, and the lava stopped flowing. She almost starved, but after much prayer by the Defenders, the lava started flowing again and her life was spared. For forty years, she protected the Defenders of the Wing by preventing the volcano on the island from erupting, which would destroy their village if it did. She did this by eating the lava to stop it from flowing down into the village.

Eighteen years ago, Sir Richmond le Bec, a knight in the service of Henry of Bolingbroke, was tasked with a mission of great importance. Young Henry had an affair with a married woman who bore him a child, and the woman's husband vowed to kill both his wife and the child she birthed. Richmond was charged with taking the baby to safety and acting as her protector. Even though Richmond has risen to become Henry's greatest knight, the protection of his illegitimate daughter has been his most important task. For eighteen years he has watched over the girl, ensuring her health and safety, as she is raised by another family, unaware of her true identity.

Intrigue, battles, life, death and love blend in the greatest story yet of true love and the lengths Richmond will go to in order to have his beloved Arissa. He is more than willing to risk his life for the her in this epic tale of ultimate romance.

A small 16 x 16 diorama that recreates the scene of the great protector rising from the lake. Make a couple of adjustments to the body of the dragon in order to twist at the angles I needed for the moc

You never have to fall into temptation again. God has a perfect plan for every temptation that comes your way. The enemy is not stronger than you. He is not more cunning than you. And he will not have victory over you because you have God, and God has defeated him. Your protector and guard is the very God who defeated the enemy at the cross and will throw him into the lake of fire, resulting in his ultimate destruction. That God lives inside of you, has grace for you, and plans to use your past failures and current weaknesses to powerfully defeat your enemy.

Protection is such a vital need of man that people go to great extents to secure their lives. Some spend large amounts of money to get policemen and other armed security to guard and patrol their homes or offices. People pay huge amounts of money to get guard dogs, CCTV Cameras, GPS Trackers so you can track the exact location of your car or other personal items if they get stolen or missing. Alarm Systems, Bomb Detectors and other latest high-tech security gadgets are used in many homes and offices today so nothing is left to chance, so people are well protected. Some people even wear charms and all kinds of amulets which they believe will protect them from harm and danger.

I do have a question, is there going to be a polyamorous route where you can romance both ROs? Or just their routes separately? I love polyam routes but I totally respect when authors say that's not part of their story/vision! I hope you're having a great day!

The Great Protector is known for keeping watch over the realm of Earth in the pocket of Ta-Lo, which introduced the real concept of the multiverse that was teased/joked about in Spider-Man: Far From Home. With that being said, The Great Protector was what helped Shang-Chi and the Ta-Lo army defend themselves from the invading monstrosities. Many fans are wondering what ties this protector has, if any, to the other Marvel dragon, Fing Fang Foom, who is an extraterrestrial creature that is often a foil to the Avengers.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is still getting more secrets revealed about the making of Marvel Studios' first foray into the martial arts genre. Shang-Chi introduces many new elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which add a great deal of depth to the world that the company is creating.

Join the Karmê Chöling household for the official unveiling of a newly commissioned Ekajati Thangka painted by Greg Smith. Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown will introduce us to Ekajati, patroness protector of Karmê Chöling and protector of the treasure (terma) teachings. 041b061a72


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