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Are you feeling weary of the divisive rhetoric about crucial issues that we are all facing?  Do you believe there must be a better way of listening and communicating across some of these critical issues of our time?  Do you worry that this kind of social/political divisiveness is taking us farther and farther from a healthy, sustainable world?

Whether the issue is Covid or climate change,  politics or pipelines—we really are in desperate need of new ways of thinking and engaging together across our social and political differences.   Social media platforms are amplifying political divides and eroding our hope of finding workable solutions to the problems that plague us—there is a better way.  Truly.  

I hope you can join us for this 3 part seminar (taking place on November 25, December 2, and December 9, 2021) to discover how engaging in contentious conversations can actually be a bridge that restores relationships and connection, empowers creative collaboration, and leads to better solutions.

The Listening Project is a social experiment to find out what happens when we practice a more radical kind of listening with each other.  Restorative Listening in Times of Covid is a 3 part series where we can explore the role that a particular kind of listening can play in healing the toxic polarization of worldviews we are witnessing in the world today.

There is no shortage of difficult-to-discuss topics to choose from—Covid happens to be one that has been particularly difficult for friends, family, or colleagues to talk about.  It impacts how we work together (even if we work together), how we gather as family, how we see the world, what we believe, what we fear, what we hope for—in short, a perfect topic to practice deep restorative listening and radical engagement.

Restorative Listening in Times of Covid is an interactive, engaging, entertaining and enlightening 3 part seminar designed to give you some deeper insight into why it’s so difficult and yet so necessary to engage with your friends, family members, or colleagues about contentious topics.   In this series we’ll...

  • Explore ways of interacting with your friends, family, co-workers and community members about topics that are contentious, difficult, and downright exasperating

  • Discover how restorative listening is fundamental to our ability to solve the social and political divisions that threaten global health and sustainability

  • Learn how and why our brains are wired to fear difference, and what we can do about it

  • Acquire some tools and mindsets to help you practice restorative listening in real time—at work and at home


Restorative Listening in Times of Covid includes 3 virtual sessions, which will be entirely free to attend, each to be held on Thursdays at 5pm PST / 8pm EST starting November 25th.  Please come as you are; all you need to bring is your favorite beverage and along with a generous helping of curiosity.

Optionalinclude your address so we can send you a free copy of Punctum, a creative tool to expand perspective

Thanks for your interest! Keep your eyes on your inbox for details on our upcoming sessions.

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