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Adventures in Restorative Listening

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 !!INSTALL!! Crack Free 613

/ PROUDLY PRESENTS A PATCH FOR NFS3 / Need 4 Speed III: Hot Pursuit (C) EA REQUIREMENT INFORMATIONS Version : No idea. :) Cracked by : The GODLike File : NFS3.EXE Crack rate : [] Registry : Needed. Protection : CD-Check Language : All languages Fun rate : [] U. Patch : Not universal Supplied by : Smokey HOW TO PATCH NFS3 : Need 4 Speed III is all in all about 400 MB in size. - Of course much too large! This patch will 'only' crack NFS3, it will not rip it for you. I got the filesize down to 210 MB, with all sounds, one music track and without videos. This patch will ONLY work if NFS3 was ripped correctly! The following will explain what you have to do to rip it to 210 MB and make working: 1. Copy all files from FEDATA and GAMEDATA from your NFS3 CD onto your harddrive and in the directory you installed NFS3 to. 2. Delete all music files except of one (GAMEDATAAUDIOPC*.*) their are always three files to make the music working '.MUS' '.MAP' and '.LIN' Copy (for example) now the HOMEROCK.* to CG.* so that there will be the files: CG.MUS, CG.MAP and CG.LIN 3. You can now (to save even more space) delete all videos except of the file FEDATAMOVIESTITLEAV.MAD which is requires to start the game, but you can resize it to (for example) 10000 bytes to save more space (the video will now simply end in the beginning). 4. NOW, run the patch 'NFS3CRK.EXE' to patch the file 'NFS3.EXE' in NFS3 your directory. Sorry, but there was nearly no other way, but it's better to do all of this and then have the half of size on your harddrive and still enough fun with NFS3 ! The GODLike - PRESiDENT of ViOLENCE PRESIDENT : The GODLike VICE PRESIDENT : The DeathBringer ELITE DEVISION : The Terrorist, Waldi, Animal, Zeus CRACK DEVISION : Gansta, RameZ, Red Snapper, The Lightning Int13, Cracker X, Crackpot FTP COORDINATOR : Vertigo IRC BOTMASTER : Rubber Duck SUPPLIER CREW : Faceless, SuperB, TDS, Amin, BsE, Smokey STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA [ OFFiCiAL FTP SERVER ] FTP://BATPIMP.ML.ORG [ OFFiCiAL ViOLENCE HQ ] ViOLENCE WORLD HQ - (+49-XXX-XXXX) The GODLike ViOLENCE EURO HQ - (+49-XXX-ISDN) _eNiGMa_ ViOLENCE UK HQ - (+44-XXX-XXXX) Wizard [ OFFiCiAL MEMBERBOARDS ] April Fools - (613-XXX-XXXX) PJoker Fatal Future - (+46-XXX-XXXX) MindBender Area 201 - (+61-XXX-XXXX) Skullhead Hottest Ever - (+44-XXX-XXXX) Mason North BBS - (+46-XXX-XXXX) Mr.Terry Cyborg Cmd - (+49-XXX-XXXX) Wikked [ ViOLENCE OFFiCiAL IRC CHANNEL ] Channel: #ViOLENCE or #ViOLENCE98 Botmaster : The GODLike, The DeathBringer STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA - STUFF AREA V i O L E N C E N E W S As you can see, our NFO file was rewritten, we hope it is able to explain to you the most important things as fast as possible. A hot welcome goes to the wellknown cracker 'Cracker X' for joining our devision. Tommorow is Helloween! :) The PRES and Vice PRES will kick some *** at a cool party with many girls tommorow! ;) Our Vice President BsE was kicked for doing nothing the last time. After having 2 years the same vice, we now decided The DeathBringer as new Vice President. G R O U P V O T I N G 1 9 9 8 Another group voting has been organisized. Be sure to vote your favourite in PC games scene, who brings you the hottest and newest titles in 1998. We cannot imagine that your vote will be other than : ViOLENCE Surf to the following adress in order to vote : WWW.MYGALE.ORG/JTF98 M E M B E R S H I P & C O N T A C T How can I get a member of ViOLENCE ? Don't contact us if you want to join us, ViOLENCE will contact YOU if we think you are good enough to join our devision. How can I get a courier/sysop/siteop of ViOLENCE ? If you are the owner of a BBS, server or whatever feel free to contact us in order to get a official courier/sysop or siteop. Mail to ViOLENCE@HOTMAIL.COM in order to write to The DeathBringer. How to get the latest stuff from ViOLENCE ? Order via email in order to get the list of our ViOLENCE VOLUME CD's which are currently available, reach our hidden BBS boards or connect to our FTP site... TODAYS WiSE APHORiSM : Girl, money and ViOLENCE are the only things... NFO: Written by The GODLike on 30.10.98

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Crack Free 613



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