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Elvis Presley's 1964 Comedy Musical Kissin' Cousins

Elvis Presley's 1964 Comedy Musical Kissin' Cousins

Elvis Presley was one of the most popular and influential singers and actors of the 20th century. He starred in 31 feature films and two concert documentaries, many of which were musicals. One of his lesser-known movies was Kissin' Cousins, released in 1964 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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Kissin' Cousins is a comedy musical that features Elvis Presley in a dual role as Josh Morgan, an Army officer who returns to his ancestral home in the Smoky Mountains to persuade his kinfolk to allow the Army to build a missile site on their land, and Jodie Tatum, his blond-haired look-alike cousin who lives in the hills with his feisty family. Along the way, Josh and Jodie encounter various romantic interests, musical numbers, and humorous situations.

The movie was directed by Gene Nelson, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Gerald Drayson Adams. The cast included Arthur O'Connell, Glenda Farrell, Jack Albertson, Pamela Austin, Cynthia Pepper, Yvonne Craig, and Donald Woods. The soundtrack album contained nine songs performed by Elvis Presley, including the title track, "Tender Feeling", "Barefoot Ballad", and "One Boy Two Little Girls".

Kissin' Cousins was not a critical success, but it was a commercial hit, earning $3 million at the box office and ranking as the 25th highest-grossing film of 1964. It was also Elvis Presley's last movie to be filmed in black-and-white. The movie is available to watch on Prime Video or to download as an Xvid Avi file from SoundCloud[^2^] [^3^]. Fans of Elvis Presley or comedy musicals may enjoy this lighthearted and entertaining film.

Kissin' Cousins was nominated for a Writers' Guild Award as the Best Written Musical of 1964, but lost to Mary Poppins. The film also received a nomination for the Golden Laurel Award for Top Musical of 1964, but did not win. The film's director, Gene Nelson, was a former singer and dancer who had co-starred with Doris Day in several musicals. He also directed another Elvis Presley movie, Harum Scarum, in 1965.

The film was shot in black-and-white to save costs, as Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker insisted on keeping the budget low. This was Presley's last movie to be filmed in black-and-white. The film also used a double and a stand-in for Presley's dual roles, as an optical effect to show them together in the same shot was too expensive. The two cousins are only seen together four times in the film.

The film featured some interesting trivia and facts about its cast and crew. For example, Glenda Farrell, who played Ma Tatum, and Tommy Farrell, who played Master Sgt. William George Bailey, were mother and son in real life. Elvis Presley reportedly hated the blond wig he had to wear as Jodie Tatum, as it reminded him of his natural hair color before he dyed it black. The film also had some similarities with the comic strip Li'l Abner, as both stories involved hillbilly families and the military wanting to use their land. e0e6b7cb5c


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