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Adventures in Restorative Listening

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Emerson Paradigm V18 Build 2018.06.28 €? ##VERIFIED##

This workshop is dedicated to experts who explore approximation in hardware and software from both a statistical and a deterministic viewpoint, as a computing paradigm shift to break the current performance and energy-efficiency barriers of systems at all scales, from sensors to supercomputers. Approximate computing is a viable method for building more efficient, scalable and sustainable systems. However, it also places formidable challenges across the entire computing software and hardware stack. Addressing these challenges requires balanced expertise in mathematics, algorithms, software, architecture design and emerging computing platforms. The objective of this workshop is to bring together experts across these areas to present the latest findings and discuss future opportunities for approximate computing. In more detail, the workshop will cover the following areas:

Emerson Paradigm v18 build 2018.06.28 –


Have you engaged in restorative listening recently? How did ...


  • 9 Jan Thu | 'Event'

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