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Adventures in Restorative Listening

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Mature Mom Usa

Thirteen states don't have statutes requiring a judge to consider a child's preference when deciding custody. All other states (plus Washington, D.C.) do; judges there must take the views of mature children into account.

mature mom usa

All states allow judges to consider the preference of a child in a custody case, as long as the child is sufficiently mature. And, as we saw above, a large portion of states require judges to take a mature child's opinion into account.

When statutes do cite an age, 14 is most common. Three states (California, New Mexico and West Virginia) presume children 14 and older are sufficiently mature, while two (Indiana and Utah) give extra weight to the opinions of kids in this range.

No, the fawn does not need your help. The doe (adult female deer) will rarely be found near her fawn for the first few weeks of its life because her presence may attract predators. The fawn is well camouflaged and has very little odor, which helps it hide from predators. Fawns instinctively lie motionless when approached by a potential predator. This seemingly helpless state is a behavioral adaptation that has helped white-tailed deer survive for ages. As fawns grow and mature, they will initially freeze, but they jump up and bound away. Once the fawn grows stronger, it will follow the doe while she forages.

No. Removing deer from the wild and keeping them in captivity is against the law in Maryland. Furthermore, the unnatural conditions of life in captivity can lead to malnutrition, injury, and stress at the hands of a well-meaning captor. Wild animals that become accustomed to humans can pose health risks and become dangerous as they mature.

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