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Adventures in Restorative Listening

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R. Kelly, Chocolate Factory (CD1 - Bonus) Full Album Zip 2021

Kelly, who is currently out on bond awaiting trial on child pornography charges in both Illinois and Florida, obviously has some issues. But why is everyone talking about his sexual orientation, when the real issue should be his fixation with children? Indeed, the first single off Kelly's first post-prison album, Chocolate Factory, is titled I Want You Back. About the only thing missing is that Kelly is out to get his girl back.

R. Kelly, Chocolate Factory (CD1 - Bonus) Full Album Zip

And Kelly has long since learned how to use the time he affords to suit his needs. A marriage made in heaven sounds even better when the honeymooners are comfortable with talking about the number of children theyve had, how many daddies each one has, and which ones are angels. But with that kind of honesty comes an invitation to be honest, as well. And unlike the federal government, Rick Dazzle doesnt turn lemons into lemonade.

At a low-key house party on Kellyas fourth solo record, he sits down with a glass of champagne to host a party-within-the-party for friends and family. Kelly talks candidly about his childhood and the things that matter to him as he misses his baby daughter and just wants to hang out and goof off. No hussy gets a pass on grownup issues like being broke and being a single mother.

We mentioned earlier that Kelly seems to have mellowed. Although the world certainly doesn't owe him anything after the CPS investigation or his recent stint in federal prison, he seems to have matured. Factory is the prelude to a reconciliation of sorts, and it starts with Kellys personal credo. In life, Dazzle says, you gotta give them hell with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.


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