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Acer Live Updater

Thanks, Aura, for your suggestion. Although I have an Acer desktop, the Acer updater is in fact installed. But what buzzers me, that the message window is different (blue, no mention of Acer or any other program). It pops up in the right hand lover corner, next to the clock, quite often. So far, I delete it with no harm (or any benefit)... Is there any way to find out where this message is originated?

Acer Live Updater

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Our database contains 2 different files for filename liveupdater_agent.exe . You can also check most distributed file variants with name liveupdater_agent.exe. This files most often have description Live Updater Agent. This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process liveupdater_agent.exe.

Both the legitimate ASUS executable and the resource-embedded updater binary contain timestamps from March 2015. Considering that the operation took place in 2018, this raises the following question: why did the attackers choose an old ASUS binary as the infection carrier?

The file uploaded to VT is not one of the malicious compromised updates; we can assume the person who uploaded it actually uploaded the ASUS Live Update itself, as opposed to the update it received from the Internet. Nevertheless, this could suggest that potentially compromised updates were delivered to users as far back as June 2018.

All of the analyzed ASUS Live Updater binaries were backdoored using the same executable file patched by an external malicious application, which implemented malware injection on demand. After that, the attackers signed the executable and delivered it to the victims via ASUS update servers, which was detected by Kaspersky Lab products.

This bug needs to be fixed. Following liveCD's / LiveDVD's do not work: ubuntu 11.04; Linux Mint 11; Mandriva 11... How do you expect to convert closed source users if even the screen does not work? Still at 10.04 LTS which works just fine except for brightness adjustment.


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