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Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PC Game 2013 [BETTER]

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is the sequel to the Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which was released in 2013. The game is the third installment of the Lego Marvel franchise. The main gameplay is the same as the previous Lego titles. However, it features the four-player Super Hero battle mode. The story of the game revolves around the superheroes who belong to various eras and realities of the Marvel Universe.

Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PC Game 2013

As touched upon, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will offer an incredibly wide selection of Marvel heroes to play as throughout the game. A Marvel video games panel introduced newly announced characters such as Iron Patriot (a pre-order bonus), Elektra, Silver Samurai, Green Goblin, Colossus, Squirrel Girl, Vulture, Punisher and Rhino. The game extends beyond just the superheroes and dives into other Marvel personalities such as Howard the Duck and Chief Creative Office Joe Quesada. The biggest panel announce, though, was the inclusion of an incredibly powerful and playable Stan Lee, who can swing on webs, shoot fire and most impressively, Hulk out as Stan Hulk.

This game is really fun for any fan of the marvel universe. The review here is extremely accurate. I do think the lego city underground is a much better game as it is more polished and doesn't feel like a quick port with the lack of wii u specific controls.

Like a majority of the LEGO games created by TT Games, players take control of characters that are modeled like actual LEGO parts (but with far more mobility) and are divided into groups according to certain skills. The player progresses through a number of levels following a linear plot, but can return to the levels later on in free play mode, using any of the characters they unlocked up until that point. In addition, there are a variety of side-levels to embark on.[6] LEGO Marvel Superheroes also carries over a large number of features that were included in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. For example, heat-related characters can destroy gold bricks, rocket-using characters can destroy silver bricks, super heroes that have the power of flight in the comic books can fly in the game, and characters with super strength can destroy or manipulate LEGO objects that normal characters cannot. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes includes some new powers and abilities as well, however. For example, Spider-Man has his "spider senses" that allow him to locate hidden bricks required for advancing the gameplay in levels, and the "big-figs" like the Hulk and Abomination can destroy or manipulate objects in ways even different than characters with normal super strength. Not counting DLC characters, there are 155 playable characters in the game.[7] 041b061a72


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