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Andrea Pirlo: I Think Therefore I Play

The autobiography of Andrea Pirlo, then, is extremely refreshing and a genuinely fantastic read. The very fact that "I Think Therefore I Play" has been translated into English tells you that -- this is, after all, a book written by a player who has never played outside of his home country and theoretically offers little of interest for those who don't follow Serie A. Much of the book discusses stories specific to Italy, and therefore the translation features footnotes to explain, for example, precisely who Gianni Rivera is.

Andrea Pirlo: I Think Therefore I Play

"I enjoyed playing football. I have achieved more than I have thought I would. I'm truly grateful for all the support I have received and I will live the rest of my life thinking how I can pay it back."

When Andrea told me that he was joining us, the first thing I thought was: "God exists". A player of his level and ability, not to mention that he was free, I think it was the signing of the century!

"I know you'll say he shouldn't have done what did in Barcelona but I'm looking over a longer period that that. I think he's played well, I think he played an important part in Chelsea's FA Cup final victory, an important part in their reaching the Champions League final and so therefore I selected him because I think he's the man for job. I'm hoping and believing that he will help us win matches."

"It was purely on other footballing reasons. I admire Rio Ferdinand as a player. I think he's a fine footballer and I respect him, but I had to pick a squad with defenders I wanted to take to the Euros." 041b061a72


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